013: Kara Lamerato of Kara’s Vineyard Wedding

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kara lamerato of Kara's Vineyard Wedding


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Kara is the owner and creator of Kara’s Vineyard Wedding, a handmade boutique that focuses on one-of-a-kind wedding decor such as custom place card holders and Premium DIY supplies. After graduating with degree in Mass Communications and English, Kara worked in financial planning, and saw success through the corporate lens of earning promotions & making money. She recognized her passion for entrepreneurship in 2011, & built her handmade business while “on-the-clock”. Two years later, the birth of her daughter was the push she needed to make the leap to self employment, and she hasn’t looked back! Kara treasures the ability to work for herself while providing a second income for her family, AND raising her two children full-time. She also loves spending time with family and friends, drinking wine, & reading US Weekly.

In today’s episode Kara shares a definition of success we think so many of our listeners will appreciate and understand.

“As long as my family has everything that we need and some of the things that we want I feel successful.”

Kara goes into detail about what gave her the nudge to leave her full-time job and take her online shop from a side business to her family’s second income while staying at home with her young children.  She shares the steps she took to feel comfortable and confident about leaving her full-time job including financial financial goals to meet before she walked away from the corporate world!

“I became compulsively driven to get this business grown to a point where I could leave that corporate job and have the freedom to be home full time with Stella”

Kara also talks about how she had a major shift in her way of thinking.  She was constantly comparing herself to people who were still in the corporate world, or other WAHMs who had a different schedule/situation. She realized she need to stop comparing herself to others and focus on what she was doing.

“Success isn’t about material things. It’s about being happy at the end of the day.”

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