119: Rach Wheatley, Purpose & Productivity Coach

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117: Rach Wheatley, Life Coach | She Percolates

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Rach Wheatley is a Purpose & Productivity Coach for soulful entrepreneurial women looking to build more intention and meaning into the business they love.

Rach is a proud mum and wife who juggles day care drop offs, collecting pretty things and getting sweaty via a range of fun/crazy fitness adventures. She thrives on hearing women’s stories and helping them create a new story for their future that it meaningful, peaceful and happy.

Project: Breathe is home to her blog, coaching ad the Intention Setting Method. All of which are designed lovingly to help women to ease their overwhelm, gain clarity around their life and build the future they ache for.

Rach’s unique style blends emotional support with practical tools leaving clients feeling empowered to move into a new phase of their lives.

Rach’s definition of success:

Success isn’t about what you do for a living, and it isn’t about how your life appears to everybody else. It’s about connections and the ability to really see the people that you love. Success is leading a life that is meaningful to me, not what’s meaningful to other people.

Things we talk about on this episode:

  • Rach worked as a counselor/educator dealing with domestic violence, she realized she didn’t like the management side of things
  • Taking a year off to be with her son, realized she wanted to work for her self
  • intention setting method
  • listening to the signs that you are on the right path
  • Rach shares how her marriage went through a rocky place and how she had to come to a lot of realizations about her self in order to save her marriage
  • setting intentions for the day
  • how grit and self-awareness are the characteristics that got her to where she is today

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