123: Jen Carrington, Creative Coach

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We're talking with the lovely Jen Carrington on She Percolates!

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Jen Carrington is a content coach and creative mentor who helps purpose-driven creatives make things happen in their creative work and life on their own terms, in their own way, and by their own rules.

Jen is based in Manchester, UK where she lives with my better half Alex and their two pesky cats, Marcy and Lila. Jen has a degree in social work, but after graduating she discovered her heart belonged in the online world of content strategy and creative coaching. When she’s not working with her game changing clients or behind the scenes on her business you’ll either find her lost in a good book, spending time with the people she love, or planning her next adventure and travels to come.

Jen’s definition of success:

I feel successful if I have a business that is impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable.  I want to feel like my work is meaningful and bigger than just me.

Things we chat about with Jen:

  • lifestyle stability is just as important as financial stability
  • being the best version of herself and not talking short cuts
  • limitations are not obstacles
  • needing to be the best version of herself for her coaching clients
  • do the work, because she doesn’t want to let her team down
  • approaching her business in a restful way, which she felt like she didn’t have permission to do for a while
  • being intentional, not being work shy, and doing the grunt work
  • books jen mentions: The effortless everyday & essentialism

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