127: Amy Bushatz, managing editor at Military.com & author of HumansOutside.com

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amy bushatz

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Amy is a content manager, editor and reporter for Military.com and the editor of Military.com’s SpouseBuzz blog. She is also the owner and author of HumansOutside.com, where she writes about becoming an outdoor person while chronicling her family’s journey leaving it all and moving to the final frontier.

Amy’s definition of success:

Success is having the honesty and maturity to know yourself well enough to know what it is you actually want. Not what people want for you. Not what you think other people want you to want, but what you truly want. And then putting the work in to get it.

Things we chat about with Amy:

  • 2007- moved from DC to Washington
  • 2009 – husband goes through a hard deployment
  • 2010- get back into journalism
  • having a life bucket list and why she had sky diving on her list, but never really wants to go sky diving
  • making the decision for her husband to leave the Army
  • why they are moving to Alaska
  • why you need to just start working on things
  • not let fear keep you from starting fresh. Take it one day at a time.
  • creativity requires time, space, and air.
  • books Amy mentions: 168 hours & I Know How She Does both by Laura Vanderkam

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