149: Kim Chapman, of Daisy Faye Designs, Summer Rebroadcast Series

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Kim is the creator and designer behind Daisy Faye Designs. Kim has always had a passion for fashion and anything creative and DFD allows her to bring together these two loves. Kim loves coming up with original ideas and combining unexpected fabrics and colors to create something beautiful. Kim graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Marketing and worked in retail management and merchandising after college.

Six years ago, Kim took a sewing class and and fell in love – DFD was born. She started selling military aviation appliqués because she couldn’t find the perfect gift to give her military friends who were having babies.


“I honestly thought I would sell a couple a month & that would be if for me. I was ridiculously busy from the beginning.”

“Those first customers is really what the business has been built on.”

In today’s episode we chat with Kim about being a mom, wife, and small business owner. How she felt like she was working for nothing in her merchandising job because thanks to the military she was living in a smaller town that didn’t have the growth she needed.

She tells us how her current definition of success is doing the best she can with everything in her life. She knows that in the future, when her son goes to school full time, she will be able to spend more time focusing on DFD, but until then she is happy to focus on being a mom, wife, and then business owner {in that order}.

“Success for me right now is doing the best I can with everything in my life, mom, wife, then business. For me being successful is balancing these things the best I can.”

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